Reading Racers - The New Beginning

In 2016 a group of fans got together and pledged to firstly get a Racers team back on track in some form, and in the longer term, to find a new home for their team in the Berkshire area.

Like a phoenix from the ashes, the Reading Racers rose again to enter a new junior league, the Southern Development League at the beginning of the 2017 season.

Still without a track, the team race their home matches at Eastbourne's Arlington Stadium, and had a tremendous first season back, winning the SDL and finishing the season unbeaten. while 2018 saw the Racers take 2nd place in the League.

The Racers will race once again in 2019 and the management team are still working hard on their principle aim of finding a new home, along with the means to one day bring Reading Speedway back into the upper levels of the sport.

The present Racers team is run on an entirely voluntary basis and makes no money directly from racing. The whole project is funded by sponsorship, fundraising, merchandise sales and donations (mostly on the form of club members).

The Management Team

reading m g.jpg
reading m g.jpg

Emma Pike

Gene Carter

Andy Griffin

Mat Stevens