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Home Comfort For Racers.

Home Comfort For Racers.

The Racers returned to winning ways on Monday night against Milton Keynes with a 22-14 victory. The win was completed in front of guest of honour Sam Norris, the 15 year old Racer who suffered brain injuries in a crash just 10 weeks ago, but has made staggering progress to be able to attend matches and chat with his team mates.

Reading captain Nick Laurence started with a win from the gate ahead of Luke Muff and fellow Racer Rhys Laker with Craig Osborne at the back.

William O'keefe replicated his skipper in heat 2 despite a scare as he locked up coming out of turn 2 of the 2nd lap, almost letting Knights' Stephen Whitehouse past. He recovered though to take the win, with his team mate Eli Meadows coming in last behind James Spencer to maintain a 2 point lead.

Laurence won again in the 3rd from Whitehouse, and with Laker winning a tight battle along the back straight with James Spencer for third, the Racers moved into an 11-7 lead.

O'keefe also completed a brace of wins next time out although Muff kept him honest without getting close enough to make a move. Meadows took his first point for the Racers as he gated ahead of Osborne and comfortably held third place, stretching the lead to 6.

Heat 5 resulted in the second shared heat of the match with Spencer winning a close quarters battle with Laker for the win while Meadows again headed Osborne.

Laurence duly completed his maximum in the final heat and was followed home by Muff, O'keefe and Whitehouse to give the home side a third 4-2 heat advantage and a 22-14 win on the night.

The Reading camp were regarded as favourites for this match but were happy to secure a win from a potential "banana skin", and will come back to Swindon on Thursday night knowing that Carmarthen will give them a tougher test.


Reading Racers;

Laurence 9, Laker 4, O'keefe 7, Meadows 2+1.

MK Knights;

Muff 6, Osborne 0, Whitehouse 4, Spencer 4+1.

Heat Details: Ht 1. Laurence, Muff, Laker, Osborne. Ht 2. O'keefe, Whitehouse, Spencer, Meadows. Ht 3. Laurence, Whitehouse, Laker, Spencer. Ht 4. O'Keefe, Muff, Meadows, Osborne. Ht 5. Palmer, Laker, Meadows, Osborne. Ht 6. Laurence, Muff, O'Keefe, Whitehouse.

Pics: Rhys Laker and William O'keefe meet the fans before the match, and Nick Laurence's bike ready for action.

Report and pics by Gene Carter.

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