• Gene Carter

Into The Dragon's Lair.

Reading head away for their northernmost match of the season this Saturday as they race against Carmarthen at their adopted Stoke home.

The Racers bid to pull themselves up the table but will find it no easy task as the Dragons sit proudly in 2nd place, only kept off the top by points difference.

Skipper Nick Laurence leads the team looking to stamp his authority on the match from the number one berth. William O'keefe joins him and as an ex Stoke National League team member he will be looking to score heavily on a track he knows well. Reading were intending to take a powerhouse top 3 with big hitter Kieran Douglas also down for this encounter but he has withdrawn after being offered a place in the preceding NL match between Stoke and Leicester, and wishes to focus on his 3rd tier ambitions.

With Rhys Laker also ruled out, and Sam Norris injured, the management were left scouring the country for available unattached riders but drew a blank and end up bringing in cousins Bailey and Jacob Fellows, 2 young riders who were keen for the extra rides as they look to climb up the development league rankings.

While the Racers managers are sure they have never faced any of the Dragons quartet before, they are well aware that their opponents' lofty league position proves that there are going to be no easy races, and the Berkshire side will have their work cut out to take a result away from Loomer Rd.

Saturday's teams: Carmarthen Dragons; 1. Danny Woodward, 2. Adam Barber, 3. Tim Colley, 4. Luke Whitehead. Team Managers; Lawrence Fielding & Tim Wright.

Reading Racers; 1. Nick Laurence (c), 2. Bailey Fellows, 3. William O'keefe, 4. Jacob Fellows. Team Managers; Mat Stevens & Gene Carter.

Pics: Nick Laurence, William O'keefe & Jacob Fellows. By Tony Burchell & Les Brewin.

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