• Gene Carter

Laurence Returns For The Racers.

As the 2019 season approaches the Reading Racers are very pleased to announce that Nick Laurence will once again be a member of their squad in the Midland 7 Southern Development League.

Nick was one of the leading lights in the Racers ' 2017 title win, and rejoined half way through last season.

With National League experience representing the likes of Kent, Lakeside and Eastbourne he is one of the more experienced riders in the division. This makes him invaluable in the pits, advising the younger riders around him on things such as bike set ups, starting techniques and especially on those tracks that are new to them. To this end the Reading management team were unanimous in naming him as captain for this season.

Nick still retains the ambition and desire to get back in the NL, and while he starts the year without a berth, it would be surprising if he isn't one of the first riders to be contacted when clubs look for replacements or suffer injuries in their reserve postions.

Nick himself is just as keen to learn new things, and this week heads out to France practising and testing with other riders including Eastbourne stars Eddie Kennet and Alfie Bowtell.

This should be the perfect preparation for Nick to lead the Racers into a productive and successful 2019, and like his team mates Jamie Bursill, Rhys Laker, Sam Norris and Jamie Couzins, the Racers new skipper is raring to go!

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