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New Year News From Reading.

New Year News From Reading

Reading Speedway fans should have a happy new year with the news that the Racers intend to be at the tapes again for the 2020 season, competing at Development League level once again.

Although the league's AGM hasn't been held yet, the club are confident that unless there are major rule changes or a change of heart by the Swindon promotion, they will take their place in the league for the fourth consecutive year, and their second at the Wiltshire venue.

And they have also revealed that they were ready to make an audacious bid to enter the National League!

Club Promoter Emma Stevens said: "When it became apparent there would be fewer teams in the 3rd tier in 2020, we started looking at whether it was feasible to step up and help keep the league in existence. We felt it was certainly worth a go and were willing to go looking for the sponsorship required, confident that the higher level of racing would prove more attractive. We also felt running NL at Swindon would give us a very good idea of the level of support that is still out there for Reading, as we continue to search for a track of our own".

Hopes were short lived though, as despite co-team manager Gene Carter prompting discussion amongst the Swindon promoters about NL racing at The Abbey, it was ruled out by the BSPA office before a decision was made.

"The official line was that clubs without a home of their own can't compete in the top 3 leagues. Cradley did this of course, operating out of Wolverhampton but the 2 clubs shared a promoter in Chris Van Straaten. With the Heathens withdrawing from the league, the BSPA have drawn their line, and it was stated that any NL team based at Swindon would have to be entered by the Swindon promotion and be called Swindon, although they could allow the Reading management to run the team. The subject wasn't pursued any further. Thankfully the National League has survived anyway".

So the Racers will continue at Development League level, and as usual will be determined to put out a competitive team as they strive to keep Reading Speedway alive and successful at whatever level they race at.

It has also been revealed that the club's representatives have approached and held discussions with the owners of a piece of land that they feel would be suitable for a Speedway track. Both parties are currently considering the feasibility of the project, with the Reading management team stressing that alongside such a project always being a very long process, the land is not available in the immediate future, so this really is very early days. The owners have requested that the location of the land is not revealed.

The riders representing Reading in 2020 will be revealed as agreements are made, with a mix of old and new riders anticipated, although little is expected to happen until after the AGM.

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