• Gene Carter

No News Is Good News!

Although the saying goes that no news is good news, we thought we would update you all in case you think no news means we have given up.

We are still looking for a site for Speedway in the Reading area. We won't lie, its proving very difficult. We continually find, as do others, that the value of land means there are other avenues people prefer to explore before they entertain the likes of us.

We stated a couple of years ago that we visited, and had conversations about a piece of land just outside Reading close to the M4. In the last 12 months it has become obvious this one "doesnt have legs".

We have spoken to a company who are also looking for land for a project in the area, and we would be keen to be part of, or tag ourselves onto a corner of that project. We have in fact pointed them towards a local landowner, but they are experiencing similar problems to ourselves when it comes to getting meetings and making progress.

Aside from this there is another piece of land we have identified to the east of Reading, and our man is looking to identify and make contact with the owners.

We have been having trouble with our website for a while. When we have sorted the problem our intention is to redesign it but as it stands it hasn't been updated for a while, we apologise if this makes it look like we aren't doing anything.

And so we head into another winter where rumours abound concerning the future of Speedway and the teams involved. Let's all hope, as we do every year that the correct decisions are made, and all the news is positive for the sport. And maybe Father Christmas can deliver that news.

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