• Gene Carter

Pierre Brannefors.

All at Reading Speedway were saddened to hear at the weekend of the untimely death of ex-Racer Pierre Brannefors.

Pierre joined Reading in 1983 having had a stint with King's Lynn two years before when he was Swedish Junior Champion. He immediately endeared himself to the Racers fans and became their latest Swedish hero as he posted an impressive 7 point plus average. Brannefors returned to Reading in 1984 but was never to ride on these shores again after that.

There seems to be little information about Pierre's death, but whatever the circumstances it is certain that at just 56 years old, his time was ended way too soon. He will though be remembered by Racers fans as he starred in the Winged Wheel with great aplomb at a time when Reading were one of the glamour clubs of not only British, but of World Speedway.

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