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Racers Move Closer To Home.

The air is full of excitement and methanol fumes as the Reading Speedway management team have made a shock last minute switch in their plans for the 2019 season.

The exiled Racers team will still take place in the Midland & Soutern Development League but will now race their home matches just down the M4 at Swindon after travelling to Eastbourne for the last two seasons.

Racers' Emma Pike contacted the Wiltshire club when there was rumours concerning the future of the Eastbourne raceway at the end of last season, but there seemed to be no chance of a move.

With Eastbourne continuing to race but moving the Development League matches to Sundays - where they would stage stand alone matches - the club were all set for another season in Sussex.

However a last minute offer from Robins co-promoter Lee Kilby proved to be too good to turn down for the bosses of the nomadic team.

Emma commented "While we remain ever grateful to the Eastbourne management for continuing to accommodate us, this was really a no-brainer. We're so excited to be able to offer all those Reading fans that have missed seeing their team for so long, the opportunity to travel just along the M4 to see the Winged Wheel on track again. Also we hope to take advantage by securing more sponsorship, which as an amateur club with no income, we reply on massively".

While Swindon is currently the closest the Racers can possibly get to racing in Reading the management team haven't given up on bringing the club home and their fourth member Andy Griffen, has been busy meeting people regarding the search for a suitable site.

With Kilby's addition to the promotional ranks at Swindon, the club agreed it is important to support the Development League level of the sport.

Lee stated "We're really happy to help the Racers get on track a bot closer to home, with the added bonus of giving the Robins fans some extra value for money. We'll be offering six extra heats of action at no extra charge at the gate at least six times during the season, which is great news"

Emma and her team wished to express their gratitude to Lee and the rest of the Swindon management for facilitating this arrangement, as the clubs now confer on dates for the Racers matches, with full details to be released soon.

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