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Racers On A Roll.

Reading Racers scorched to an impressive 25-11 win against the Carmarthen Dragons in their last "home" match of the season at Swindon.

Both teams went into the match slightly understrength, with the Racers replacing NL rider Elliot Kelly with fellow 15 year old Eli Meadows who was making his 4th appearance for the club this season. And Carmarthen were forced to track their team manager Lawrence Fielding as they found themselves victims of injuries and other commitments.

It was the first time in 2019 that Reading had tracked the same 4 riders in 2 consecutive matches, but they came good with their 2nd win in 4 days.

Nick Laurence and William O'keefe set the tone with a 5-1 heat advantage in the first heat with the latter nipping inside his captain on the 3rd bend of lap one. They covered the track well for the remainder of the race leaving Danny Woodward and Ben Phillips in their wake.

The key to this match was how many points the Racers' second pairing Meadows and Rhys Laker could take, and they combined well to follow home Tim Colley, keeping Fielding behind them in the second.

Lawrence wasnt playing second best to O'keefe again and stormed from the gate in heat 3, his team mate tucking in behind him for another maximum heat win, this time over Colley and Fielding.

With the score at 13-5 the Dragons took their second heat win but couldn't carve out an advantage as Laker and Meadows again took the minor places behind Woodward. This was particularly pleasing result for rookie Meadows, who had to pass rival Phillips, diving up the inside of him going into the 3rd bend of lap 2.

It was Laker's turn to shine in the fifth race as he followed O'keefe - who was securing a paid maximum - home for a 5-1 ahead of Fielding and Phillips to put his team into an unassailable 21-9 lead.

Laurence won the final race, to also finish unbeaten by an opponent and was followed by Colley and Woodward until the latter fell, letting Meadows through for a point.

It was all smiles in the Racers side of the pits as they celebrated their two wins this week, neither of which could be viewed as a certain win beforehand. This win was a big morale boost in particular for Laker, finishing with one of his biggest scores to date, and Meadows, who visibly improves with each match.

The Racers now move on to Mildenhall at the weekend for a challenge match before wrapping up their season with away matches next Thursday and Saturday against Weymouth and Carmarthen respectively.

The Racers riders and management were keen to send their thanks to the Swindon promotion for allowing them to race there this season and for being such genial hosts. And also to Swindon No.1 and ex World Champion Jason Doyle for donating a box of used but usable spare parts to the Reading riders.


Reading 25;

Laurence 8+1, O'keefe 8+1, Meadows 3+2, Laker 6+1.

Carmarthen 11;

Woodward 4, Phillips 0, Colley 6, Fielding 1.

Heat details;

Ht 1. O'keefe, Laurence, Woodward, Phillips. Ht 2. Colley, Laker, Meadows, Fielding.

Ht 3. Laurence, O'keefe, Colley, Fielding. Ht 4. Woodward, Laker, Meadows, Phillips. Ht 5. O'keefe, Laker, Fielding, Phillips. Ht 6. Laurence, Colley, Meadows, Woodward f-rem.

Pics: Racers ready for action, the Reading team, the team with their mechanics (dads & granddads) and Andy Griffin and Emma Stevens of the Reading management team.

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