• Gene Carter

Sponsorship Appeal.

As the Reading Racers embark on their third consecutive season in the Development League, it has been well documented how the costs of competing have increased with the changes of circumstances at our adopted Eastbourne home.

Outgoings for this season will average a five fold increase per match, a massive burden for team run by volunteers, with no income from competing.

We took this task on and we will increase our fundraising efforts, but we feel it is important to stress that we now need sponsorship and new club members more than ever if the Racers name is to remain on track.

While our main ambition is to bring Speedway back to the Reading area, we have always felt that keeping the name in the public domain is crucial to that cause.

Sponsorship deals are available at £20, £50, £500 and anywhere in between or beyond. Hopefully this makes it possible for both businesses and individuals to "do their bit".

As well as this our club membership is available from as little as £3 per month (or more if you want) by standing order, an easy way to support your team.

Even the Speedway Control Board Co-ordinator recently expressed what a huge undertaking we are embarking on as a club, and while we are proud to be this determined, we are to admit we need your help.

With the level of sponsorship secured for 2019 we will run at a loss. It is unlikely that we can sustain this loss for more than one season.

Email us on info@readingracers.co.uk if you or someone you know can help!

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