• Gene Carter

Successful Finale For 2019

The Racers completed their season with a 4th league win in 13 days against the Carmarthen Dragons on Saturday night.

Everyone contributed valuable points, with all 4 riders playing a part in 5-1 heat wins in the second and fourth races, which proved to be the difference as the Racers rounded off with a 15-21 victory.

Carmarthen 15; Joe Alcock 9, Ben Phillips 1, Tim Colley 0, Luke Whitehead 5.

Reading 21; William O’Keefe 4+3, Corban Pavitt 7, Kieran Douglas 7, Gregor Millar 3+2

Heat 1: Alcock, Pavitt, O’Keefe, Phillips.

Heat 2: Douglas, Millar, Whitehead, Colley.

Heat 3: Alcock, Douglas, Phillips, Millar R.

Heat 4: Pavitt, O’Keefe, Whitehead, Colley.

Heat 5: Whitehead, Pavitt, Millar, Phillips.

Heat 6: Alcock, Douglas, O’Keefe, Colley F

Apologies for the delay our regular Co-Team Manager & reporter is on his honeymoon 🍻

Report by Emma Stevens 😉 with a little help from Gene Carter & Mat Stevens

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