• Gene Carter

Things continue to be difficult for Sam.

Things continue to be difficult for Sam Norris' parents Chris and Claire... he has been moved within the hospital, he continues to have periods of rapid movement followed by more sleep, and they are feeling the strain of being so far from home. Sam has an MRI scan on Monday so hopefully they can look forward to some good news. Also they have received cards from Sam's school, had a visitor or 2, and collections by the Berwick Academy at last nights Berwick v Leicester match and by some of the Racers' staff at Swindon's challenge with Kent and the ensuing youth round today, have resulted in healthy donations to the Sam Norris Recovery Fund. The whole of the Speedway world continues to send their best wishes and we all hope this at least helps Chris, Claire and their family to stay strong.

📸 Nia Martin Photography.

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