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Update From The Management.

All at Reading Speedway hope that all Speedway folk out there are safe and well and looking forward to the easing of restrictions in the coming weeks.

We haven't said much since we announced that we would not be entering official competition this year, and we hope we explained our reasons to people's satisfaction at that time. Little did we realise when we decided our own destiny before the BSPA did, that all competing clubs would have theirs decided by the awful Covid19 situation.

So while all is quiet on most Speedway fronts, we wanted to assure Reading fans that because we are not running a team this season, it doesn't mean we are doing nothing at all.

Our intention since March 2016 has been to explore the possibilities of bringing Speedway back to the Reading area, and while we enjoyed the chance to run a team in the Development Leagues for 3 seasons, that original aim has always remained.

When it became clear that the BSPA would stop us from being called Reading Racers until we are racing in Reading, it did "knock the proverbial" out of us, and our enthusiasm levels were reduced for a while as we kicked back and took things a little bit easy. However we have for a while now had the help of John Mann, a local property expert with an interest in Speedway and Stock Cars, and his enthusiasm to help us find land has awoken us and we are now working behind the scenes again, with John's invaluable help.

While our progress didn't impress the BSPA, the facts are that through John, we have made enquiries, including a site visit, about a piece of land just outside Reading, and were met with a degree of interest from the land owners. There were also meetings with an existing sports club in Reading about both land that they own and land close by to them, with a view to building a multi sports facility. We cannot promise that either of these options will bear fruit, but even before they are ruled out, John is seeking meetings with the owners of other sites that he or we have identified as "of interest".

We have never believed in blowing a fanfare too soon. We have seen too many people go public about a possible new track, and we don't want to fall into the category of promising so much and never delivering. What we do promise is that we are still trying. Until we state that we have given up, please keep supporting us and spreading the word that Reading Speedway wants to come back to Reading. You never know who might say the right thing to the right person.

Up the Racers, like you we still miss Monday nights!

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