• Gene Carter

We're Still Here.

On a dry March Monday evening which in any ordinary year would be the official start to the British Speedway season, it feels like a good time for a little update on what we have been doing lately.

Firstly as always we would like to reassure Racers fans that although we are quiet, there is still activity behind the scenes.

John Mann, our friendly expert in all things property, has gone from helping us to being very much a part of us, and it's fair to say that without him there would be less to report. John spends a lot of time looking for parcels of land that may be suitable for a Speedway track, and then identifying ownership, contacts, etc. Obviously this is a slow enough process at the best of times but in these Covid restricted days it's even more slow moving.

We're sad to say that previous sites of interest to us have so far come to nothing, but we do have a location in our sights at the moment that we are trying to find out more about. We have also been looking at registering an official company to take the project forward, and are taking legal advice on the viability of making that a charitable organisation in the future.

As always we are eternally grateful to those people still paying into the Racers fund on a monthly basis, and please rest assured that it is still our hope that this fund can be used for it's intended purpose at some point.

We also hope, as everyone else does that we can all finally get to see some Speedway this year, even if it isn't in the Reading area or in the Racers colours.

Please everybody continue to play safe, and we hope we will bump into you all somewhere in the not too distant future!

Pictured: John Mann

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